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Coatings :: Direct Food Coatings
Questions Call:  714-668-9301


We have decades of experience developing and manufacturing highly specialized coatings for direct food contact applications. 

Our coatings must adhere to strict food safety regulations and unlike most coating manufacturers, our facility is 100% dedicated to direct food contact coatings assuring no possibility of cross-contamination from other non-food safe sources.

We manufacture:

  • Edible inks
  • Edible coatings
  • Food-approved materials

Our proprietary coatings are engineered to withstand the demands of the baking industry and are designed with exceptional release properties for single or multiple uses. Our coatings can withstand high-heat environments of up to 450° F; have extremely strong grease and moisture barrier characteristics; are suitable for virtually any packaging surface that touches food; and are BPA-free.

We don't have a "one size fits all" approach to developing our food-safe products; rather, we closely partner with every customer to develop coatings that are custom-made for each unique food packaging challenge. One of our long-standing customers, King's Hawaiian Bakery, commended us on our commitment to helping solve their packaging challenges in this customer testimonial (below).


We also manufacture antimicrobial coatings that are not only safe for food packaging applications, but for a variety of markets where antibacterial/antifungal characteristics are desired.

Independent lab testing has confirmed that when compared to plain or uncoated paperboard, our coatings actually inhibit bacterial and mold growth in ambient conditions. 

Depending on your packaging criteria, longevity needs and application requirements, we can custom-formulate an antimicrobial coating solution for you. Please Contact Us to let us know your needs.


Coatings engineered for baking trays that withstand high heat environments.

Coatings look

King's Hawaiian Customer Testimonial